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VelarisCourt Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Our Plans

Siren (Chrishama Sea Temptress) joined our family early August, after a long journey both in patience, and in miles! She was destined to be stepping out into the show rings in November 2022, however she turned out to be bilaterally deaf! So all show and breeding plans for this little girly are now cancelled.... but she's staying for good regardless and has proven to be an absolute diamond.

She has been happily accepted into our home by Pixel (Liebehund Simply the Best) who is our original muse and kindling for the passion for this breed. Pixel was cryptorchid when he came into our family so has since been neutered as a medical necessity.

Our Dogs

Liebehund Simply the Best - "Pixel"

Chrishama Sea Temptress - "Siren"