Your pet drawn to be added to a group portrait project

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A 4×6 inch individual portrait of your pet, to be featured as part of a breed specific group project. Your breed will be drawn and added to a group image of up to four others of the same breed. These will be available as cards, mugs, and christmas cards, as well as other items in the future. You will receive the original drawing to keep/frame yourself. I will keep the digital file forever should you wish to come back and get anything else printed.

More breeds will be added once these slots have filled and I’ve completed the design.

Any photos submitted must be your own or you have permission for them to be used and drawn from. Photos must be clear and in focus showing the conformation of your breed in a show stack.

Please note – Leadtimes will vary – and I want to make sure I spend the best time I can on yours so please do expect a lengthy wait of up to 4-6 months!

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Azawakh, Barbet, Bavarian Mountain Hound, Beauceron, Belgian Groenendael, Belgian Laekenois, Belgian Tervueren, Bergamasco, Bouvier des Flandres, Canaan Dog, Coton de Tulear, English Mastiff, English Toy Terrier, Eurasier, Foxhound, German Spitz (Mittel), German Spitz (Klein), Glen of Imaal Terrier, Havanese, Hungarian Pumi, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Japanese Akita Inu, Lagotto Romagnolo, Lancashire Heeler, Lowchen, Manchester Terrier, Pharaoh Hound, Pekingese, Sussex Spaniel, Smooth Fox Terrier, Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff, Spanish Water Dog, White Swiss Shepherd Dog