Paw Studies – 4×4 inch portraits of your pet’s paw


CURRENT WAITING TIMES: 3 months – please message me to discuss receiving yours earlier in exchange for a 20% rush fee

Only dog paws will be featured on this design. I will be creating a separate cat one!! Maybe called “Macchiatoe beans” ahahhaha 😀 Feel free to order a portrait, just that the mug design will not be created for a while as I don’t have as many drawings of cat paws yet! 🙂 x

Estimated delivery between 2021/06/21 - 2021/06/26



They’re pawfect for the wall, your desk, nightstand or dresser! They’re a pawfect size and can come framed if you’d like!

Who doesn’t love their pet’s paws?! And they’re so diverse, that I’ll have fun drawing every single one! All completed paws will join the “Paws for a Cuppa” mug design (plus other projects possibly including wrapping paper and gift tags.) The mugs will only be printed once the design is finalised, and should Crufts be going ahead in 2021, you can collect your mug/s from my stall!

Frames are easily available for individuals via the “You May Also Like” section below – or here: Frames

You can shop via my framing guide too if you wish to purchase and frame yourself here: Framing Guide


If you choose your whole family’s worth of paws to be drawn together, I will pick a size that is suitable for them all. I will also frame these on request, but will send you a quote based on the collective size.


Please pop over the photo you wish me to use via messenger/email or attach here

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