Online Dog Show Entries – All Classes



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Best Action Shot | Prettiest Bitch | Most Handsome Dog | Best Side Profile | Best of Friends (aka Best Brace) | Most Appealing Eyes | Best Vulnerable Breed | Best Litter Photo | Best Puppy | Best Ears | Best Show Dog in the Spotlight | Best Groom

As so many dog shows are either being cancelled due to the heat, or you wouldn’t trade your dog’s welfare for ribbons so aren’t attending… I am hosting an online dog show instead of a giveaway from the safety of your fan assisted oven.. I mean sofa!

All classes were shortlisted by the Ambaholics and chosen based on what they’d like to enter, so I’d like to present the 2022 Amber Marie Online Dog Show as open for entries! Once you have paid for your entries (and you can come back anytime to add more before the closing date) you will receive an email with a link to a private Facebook Group. Please do NOT share/invite your friends to this group – it is specifically for those that have entered the dog show. This is where you can add your entries to the photo albums. Once the closing date has passed, the group will then be open to the public, and to the judges.