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Norfolk V Norwich Terrier

Norfolk…. Norwich… Norwolk… Norfich? WHAT are they?!

This is one of the trickiest pair of breeds to distinguish between until you know the easiest mnemonic to remember, and then you will always have the ability! And breed fanatics will certainly appreciate you the more for it!

The Norwich and Norfolk Terriers are very very similar, they’re both short legged terriers, the same size, same tail set, with the same background and the same coat colours. They’re both from the eastern counties of England like their names suggest, and they have the same purpose bred instincts. However there is one main difference between them that is so simple, it’ll be easy to work out from now on! Can you spot it below?

The Norfolk, has Nor-folded ears….and the Norwich, has ears like a Nor-witch hat!

Both breeds were intentionally bred for ratting, and to help chase foxes from their dens. They were even small enough to stay in their handler’s saddlebags until they were required! They are some of the most sociable terriers within the group, and were usually sent out in packs. They can be black and tan, red wheaten, grizzle and red which may originate from their ancestors in Irish Terriers with their ginger wirey fur.

For a time, there was a slight identity crisis for the Norfolk Terrier as they were shown alongside the Norwich Terriers in the ring, under the same breed. As the prick ear dogs kept winning, the Norfolk handlers cropped the Norfolk’s ears to have the same chance at a ribbon. This obviously led to a lot of confusion before the two breeds were split and recognised separately and the Norfolk was never cropped again.

Lovers of the breeds say they can also differentiate the two with methods other than their ears. The fur is different (the Norwich has more of a double coat), the Norwich also looks like they use heavy black eyeliner compared to the Norfolk, and their temperament and personalities are also different. However as those seem to be for expert eyes for details only haha, for the general public… just remember…


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