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Become a Licensed Creator with Amber Marie Studio


By accepting these terms and conditions, you enter into an amicable agreement with the artist in order to provide luxury gifts and products under an Amber Marie Studio license.

By choosing a subscription plan you have use of the artist’s designs for a year to produce items that Amber Marie Studio currently does not offer in the same capacity.

You are in full responsibility for the quality at which you print the designs and Amber Marie Studio reserves the right to revoke the licence if the use of the artwork is deemed inappropriate to the brand. We hold a reputation and are not willing to let it suffer.

You are also liable for any customer complaints, refunds and customer service that is required for the products that you provide. Amber Marie Studio cannot be held responsible for mistakes, misprints, losses/damages in shipments or anything that you as a company have to manage.

You must display Amber Marie Studio as a brand that you support by purchasing the license for, this not only protects you from unwanted and unnecessary “thievery” claims from brand fans, but also gives you the benefit in sharing our audience. We will share any product photos you’d like with our community, as well as feedback posts if you’d like to ask our audience.

If you are interested in helping us with wholesale opportunities for our clients, then please let us know and we can inform them. However, B2B (business to business) selling is only appropriate for those that have permission first as that requires a further commercial license and we would like to approve the retailers that wish to stock Amber Marie Studio designs.

If you do not wish to renew your license, your access to the platform will be revoked, and you will lose all rights to any new artwork that will appear on the site. I will constantly be updating the dashboard with new designs, as well as seasonal items, which you may miss out on, should you decide to cancel your plan.

  • Large Bundle of All Dog Breeds, Seasonal Designs (Halloween Skeletons etc.) and non-dog related - candy canes, butterflies, bees, giraffes etc.
    Medium Bundle of All Dog Breeds including rare breeds
    Small Bundle of Popular Dog Breeds
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