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Our stockists range from brick and mortar shops that sell our greeting cards, mugs and more, right through to Breed clubs who want to get merchandise in for their open shows and match nights. 

if you are interested in stocking our items, get in touch via email – 

Alternatively, you can place an order here: 


Our collaborations, or licensed creators, already run their own business making amazing products, just need a little help with designs or patterns! 

I’ve listed them below, but if you’re interested in joining the team, here’s how!

I’m Lucy and I’m the owner of Wibblebean. The name “Wibblebean” was created by joining the nickname that my dad calls me (Wibble) and the nickname that I call my son (Bean). I started making clothes when my son was a few weeks old during the first lockdown 2020 to keep me busy (like a newborn doesn’t keep you busy 😅).

Most of my items are “grow with me” designs. This means that they have extended cuffs on the legs and arms and extended waist band. This enables you to roll the cuffs to a length to suit your child and so extends the length of time in which your child will fit into the items of clothing. BARGAIN! We all know how quickly the small people grow out of clothes so this certainly helps save money on clothing when they last so long!
Mostly I make baby and children’s clothing but I do also make the odd adult item. For the most part my items are made out of stretch Jersey in an array of fabulous designs (some of which are my own exclusive designs).