Hi! I’m Pixel Westwood! 

My super fancy name is Liebehund Simply the Best – and I’m definitely living up to the name! I’m a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and yes! I have two different coloured eyes! I don’t have the merle gene, I’m 100% brindle, but I just have a gene that has made one dazzling blue eye! 

My mum waited for me for a whole six years, and I was soooo worth the wait – or at least that’s what she tells me daily! 

Cardigan Welsh Corgis tend to be bigger (cooler & better – hehe) compared to the more common Pembrokes. You can read all about them here.

You can tell I’m a “Cardi” because I’m what’s known as brindle, which means I have an amazing stripy coat that makes me look like a tabby cat in the sunlight! 

Pixel's Picks!

All the businesses below, have been tried and tested by His Majesty!

Lake District Raw

Auntie Imogen and her “EY UP” range is RAWsome! Pixel couldn’t wait to get into his Boredom Box and he loves chewsing (hehe) which thing to nibble next!! His favourite was the fallow antler, but I’m pretty sure the stinky pizzles were a close second!!

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Devil Dood Direct

Auntie Emily is a wizard when it comes to choosing what Pixel loves! Even when I myself was at a loss! 

His favourites are Anco Chicken n Chips, Edgard Cooper Beef Bites, a squeaky shark, and a Rummage Toy – which is a Mailbox with three little squeaky envelopes!

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