Here at Amber Marie – Biro Portraits, I create realistic and lifelike portraits of all pets, breeds, shapes, sizes and colours to depict your own pets and favourite breeds in all their glory. Each portrait once completed can then be reproduced lovingly onto luxury textured greeting cards, mugs, teatowels and more.

Never managed to find a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen mug before? You’ve searched high and low for a beautiful Basenji greeting card…. Well, here, you’ll find one. And if it doesn’t exist yet, I’ll make it happen. That’s my promise, no breed left behind.

I am a full time pet portraitist, and My Studio is in Hampshire, UK, near Stonehenge! I live with my husband “Mr Amber Marie” and the most amazing beautiful Cardigan Welsh Corgi called Pixel! He has his own page  – here’s where to find out more about him!

I specialise in a medium that most wouldn’t consider to be a drawing tool – a biro! I also use coloured pencils to soften the look, and add colours that are impossible in my preferred pens.

I love to create life-like portraits of all creatures great and small directly from your favourite photos. These drawings can be then printed onto a huuuuuuge range of custom items such as cushions, mugs and even fairy lights! I have completed portraits of rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, horses, british wildlife and even unicorns in the past, but I dedicate most of my studio time to dogs. Even your own pets can be printed onto my entire range – fancy your pooch on a teatowel? You’re in the right place!

I’m currently working towards having a Summer House in the garden, perfect for an open studio, where you can visit, browse items for sale, chat, have a coffee, view my gallery, watch me work and meet my pupstar! But until then, I will be working from the second bedroom in our beautiful home!

I’d absolutely LOVE to see a photo of your pets!!! Feel free to join the group below by clicking the bell icon, and become one of my extra special Ambaholics Anonymous! Inside the group there are exclusive discounts, reveals, sneak peeks and even designs and products only available to AA! As well as being a lovely community to meet like-minded animal lovers!


Love what I do?

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– Post in my group! Seriously, I want to see your pets, their antics, photos of them next to their portraits…. show how similar they are to my card designs…. Anything! There’s even a competition running in there at the moment!

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– Send me something! Anything to help keep me going, brighten up my studio, supplies, self care, chocolatey indulgence or even just a card to brighten up my day… It makes me beam from ear to ear to know that someone is thinking of me! I have an Amazon Wishlist full of ideas that even my family purchase from for birthdays and Christmas (I even shop from it myself when I need to cheer myself up!), or my address is below if you would like to send something yourself!   Don’t forget to include a note, so I know who to thank!!

Amber Westwood, 4 Avon Court, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1DY

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